Why Lawyer Support Is Required In Unfair Dismissal

There are many scenarios when you can find yourself in need of a qualified and experienced lawyer. One of these scenarios is when you are unfairly dismissed from your job. Your employer might have a million reasons to fire you, but without a valid reason or if they don’t follow protocol, the dismissal is said to be unfair. In such cases, you as the employee have the power to sue your employer for different kinds of damages that have occurred as a result of your lay-off.

In such a case where you were unfairly dismissed, a employment lawyers london can help you with different issues that include;-

  • Settlement– in this case, you agree with your ex-employer to settle matters without going to court. You will sign a settlement agreement accepting an amount of cash that the employer offers. This agreement is legally binding and after you sign it and take the sum of money offered, you can no longer sue your employer for unfair dismissal. In cases like this a lawyer must be there for the employee to advise them about the terms of the agreement before signing and tell them if they can get something better than what the employer offered. The lawyer may also help in the drafting of the agreement to make sure that it favors you as an unfairly dismissed employee.
  • Court process– when you are unfairly dismissed and you decide to sue your employer, a lawyer will help you with the court processes. Lawyers understand the law better and know how cases progress in a court of law, a lawyer will explain to you about everything the judge says and whether it would be good or bad for your case. That way you will be prepared for the judge’s ruling.
  • Representation– besides explaining to your about the court process, a lawyer would represent you better than you could represent yourself. Since they have studied law and reviewed many cases similar to yours, lawyers have the capacity to represent you in court and help you win your case.If you represent yourself, you might not know what to do in case you are faced with tough law situations, which is why you need a lawyer to coach and defend you.

You might be wondering how you can find out if yours was an unfair dismissal. There are factors that determine an unfair dismissal which include; whether your employer had any grounds to dismiss you and if yes, did he warn you about it? If you were warned did your employer give you a chance to respond to that warning, and were you given the chance to correct the mistake that resulted in the warning?


If any of these issues were not addressed when you were dismissed, you can engage a lawyer to file a dismissal application within twenty-one days from when the dismissal takes effect. However, if your employer had reasonable grounds to let you go, it is advisable not to apply for unfair dismissal claim.

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By: Andrew Charalambous

Difference between Home And Office Waste Disposal Techniques

Waste-DisposalWhen it comes to waste disposal, there are many similarities between the techniques used when clearing waste in homes, and in schools. For example, in both, you will need to have an elaborate framework to ensure that all waste generated is disposed of efficiently, professionally, and always on time. However, there are some differences in the techniques and they should always guide you as a home owner or office user. Below ar some of the major differences;

  1. Collective responsibility; while ensuring that an office is clean is the collective responsibility of all office users, this is not necessarily the case in homes. As a home owner, the responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders and you’ve got to therefore find a reliable clearance company to help you out with home items.
  2. Bins; Rubbish bins achieve a lot when used in office settings, while they may not be as helpful in a home. Bins should be placed strategically around the office and building, they greatly minimize littering. But in a home, even a single bin or 2 will do when placed within your compound.
  3. General cleaning; while the general cleaning in an office may include just cleaning the floor thoroughly, emptying all bins, clearing old furniture, and so on so forth, doing so at home may be more involving. It would involve garden clearance, pruning and trimming overgrown branches, to ensure that your garden is neat and clean at all times.
  4. Toxic waste; an office setting tends to generate consistent form of waste, mostly in form of papers and stationary. But home waste will include toxic materials for example old batteries that have harmful acids. Take note of this fact therefore when selecting a waste disposal company. Establish beyond doubt that the company is able to dispose of toxic waste properly.


The above differences in home, office and all your residential waste disposal should guide you when considering the right techniques to employ for the job.

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Getting Information about Graduate Jobs from the Right People

The first job you get after graduate school is usually the most significant job in your life. It marks the beginning of your career, and in most cases it is the determinant of the trajectory your career path will take. You should want to make the right decision about something that will directly affect you for the rest of your life. It is therefore very important that you involve people who have experience and the knowhow on which jobs would be suitable for you and how to apply for them. Some reliable sources on graduate jobs include;

  • Graduate school

The most obvious one is from the graduate school; most of them will have a placement programme or an information desk where one can access information on potential employers, alumni associations that help in placement of students and partnerships that the school has with various organisations that absorb students.

  • Companies that hold recruitment drives on campus

These are mostly multinationals that absorb graduates on a regular basis, these companies will usually hold a recruitment drive where they inform the graduates on the qualifications they are looking for and how to go about applying for the jobs.

  • People who are in the industry you want to be in

People who have made it in the area you want to be in are very important both in terms of networking and getting advice on how to land you dream Graduate Job London. Make connections with such people and ask for advice on getting a graduate job

  • Recruitment agencies

The caution here is to employ the services of a credible recruitment agency that will notify and you on graduate vacancies that suit your careers’ wants and  expectations

At the end of the day be ready to take advice and remain open minded.

Asian Wedding – Plan Your Cultural Wedding in London

Asian-WeddingWhen you’re living in London as a foreigner or expatriate, you may think that it is hard to plan your cultural wedding. This is not the case, though. You can plan your cultural wedding in London easily. All you need to do is to follow the right procedure. For instance, it is good to hire a wedding planner, budget well for the day and work towards achieving the best. Even as you do this, remember that the wedding venue is important. A wedding venue will showcase your culture in the best way.

Choose a wedding venue that supports your culture

The best thing you can do so as to showcase your culture during your wedding day is to choose a wedding venue that supports your culture. You may think that there are no Asian wedding venues in London, but this is not true. There are Large Asian Wedding Venues London that you can book. All you need is to research online. If you research, you will get information that will help you make the right decisions.

Book early

It is important to ensure that you book early for your wedding venue. This is because someone may need that wedding venue during your big day. To ensure that you are the one enjoying it, you should book it early. If you don’t have time, you can even book it online. It will be good, though, to visit the venue before booking it. This will acquaint you to the environment.


Planning an Asian wedding in London should not be hard. You can easily enjoy your culture even during your wedding. You only need to do things right.

When it comes to Indian dating the choice of a wedding venue, choose the one that supports your culture.


Large Wedding Venues London provide a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy your wedding in a native way. All you need is to identify one of the venues and enjoy your big day!


Choosing the right Video Production Studio for Your Project

production-studiosWhen doing your business or personal project, it is always important to define you aim, objectives and budget. In the same manner, it is also important to pick on a production studio that will properly promote you project. Below are a number of considerations to make when choosing the right video production studio for your project:


When looking for a production studio to produce your project, it is always good to start by asking how long they have been in business. This will give you a rough idea of how much they know about video production, including their capacity to handle your project. Contrary to this, there are also production studios that are fresh in the market. This may be a good choice for you as some of them take pride in providing quality service to their clients so that they get more clients.

Secondly, a good and experienced video production company studio usually has a clientele base consisting of both small and big customers. This means that they can take your project as seriously as other projects they do. Production studios with a rigid client base are a cause of concern as this may be an indication of their inability to handle certain type of clients and projects.

Checking Their Previous Clients

It can be tough to live your project to a company that you don’t trust. Therefore, to get rid of every form of fear, its good to ensure that you call one of their clients and confirm if they were happy with the worked that the particular studio did. You can pick this randomly to avoid being misled by the studio producers and creative’s.


When coordinating with your production team in the studio, it is always good to check how well you gel with each other. Do they care about what you say or feel about your project? Do they adjust and accommodate your changes or are they simply rigid. If they are uncooperative, then you are sure to get a project that you don’t love, respect or appreciate. If chemistry is what you value then it would be better to select a studio and production team that is willing to understand and work with you.


Experience, nature of clientele and nature of cooperation are three of the many vital things to consider when choosing a right video production studio for your production.


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Places to Dine in London – Have a good Time at the Best Restaurants and Bars


London is one of the most visited cities in the whole world. Apart from its rich aristocratic and Monarchal history, London also boasts of beautiful sceneries. Many people find the city, therefore, very appealing to visit. When people travel to London, they need a place to dine and stay. One of the options that people indulge in is to dine in the classic restaurants and have a good time at the famous bars in London. Those traveling to London have to look for a better place to dine and have a good time.


Research is important

If you are traveling to London, you need to research widely in advance. The Internet is full of information about best restaurants and bars you can trust. You can go through this information to find a good restaurant and bar to trust. A good restaurant and bar to trust is the one that has a good reputation, offers good services and charges affordably.

Book early

Once you have found a good restaurant to trust, you need to book for its services early enough. When you book early, you enhance your chances of getting the best out of the hotel package. Since many people travel to London, you may find it hard to secure your preferred hotel if you don’t book early.

Satisfaction from inside is paramount

Once you have traveled, you need to be happy at the restaurant and bar you have chosen. Do not be anxious or think of what others will think of you; Londoners are always friendly, smiling, and ready to assist visitors.

Each traveler wants to have good moments. The level of joy that each person experiences depends on their preparation and planning. If you prepare well for your trip and have everything planned out well, you can be sure to have an enjoyable stay in London


Traveling to London is not only a good experience, but a historic event too for first time visitors. A good restaurant in London will crown your visit, and make you even love the place more.

Make Your House A Beautiful Place


Furniture pieces are a crucial component in making your house beautiful. You need beds, chairs, tables and cabinets to beautify your house. In order to have these furniture pieces, you need to purchase them. You’ll find furniture pieces at various furniture stores around.

Selecting appropriate furniture pieces

Even as you plan to buy your furniture, it is good to know exactly what you need. There are many types of furniture pieces and your home does not really need each of them. You may find that you need chairs and tables, but not beds and cabinets.

Another thing you need to think about is the design of your home. The design of your house may dictate that you buy certain furniture designs. You need to know the design of your house and compare it with various furniture designs at the furniture stores. Once you have compared the designs, it is easy to buy furniture pieces that wouldn’t clash of fail to blend with your house design. If you are unable to select designs that will go hand-in-hand with the design of your house, you can ask help from a furniture expert.


Finally, it is good to be careful about the dominant color. It is not good to purchase different colors, more so when they don’t match with one another. You also need to remember the dominant color of your home in order to buy furniture pieces that will complement that.

Choosing the right furniture for your home is an important step towards enhancing its beauty. It is good, therefore, to contact various Modern Furniture Stores and ask for more information on styles and designs.


Finding the right furniture for your home is an important step forward. In order to find good furniture pieces, you need to think of various factors. What’s more, you need to buy from good furniture stores.