Top Apps to Improve Mental Health

top apps to improve your mental health

Mental health disorders are increasingly on the rise and it’s estimated that one in five adults now is affected by a mental health issue. Stress, anxiety, and depression can all become exacerbated over time and lead in a downward spiral towards a more serious mental health issue and it’s this crisis that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Fortunately, we do have a lot of options today that provide hope and help for those suffering from a mental health condition.

apps for mental health

There is a bit of a disagreement in the world regarding the use of apps for mental health. Some mental health experts believe screen time and sitting idly on a phone will allow the condition to worsen. A few have even gone as far as to say mobile technology is the root cause of the rise in mental health issues today. However, they do provide excellent ways of dealing with the symptoms of mental health issues and provide much-needed relief for sufferers who find mobile technology accessible and useful in their daily lives.

While they’re by no means substitutes for proper mental health diagnosis and care, the following can help you deal with common mental health complaints that affect people globally:

7 Cups

7 Cups is an app that helps individuals deal with loneliness and the mental health issues that stem from feeling isolated. It connects users with one of the 100,000+ trained volunteers who are there to listen to your concerns and be a place to vent. It provides anonymity and simply downloading the app will allow you to have access to an ear to listen to your concerns. There are also opportunities to connect to the guided discussion, conferences, and group support rooms that are run on a regular basis throughout each day.apps for mental health

7 Cups makes a particularly good choice for those with the more common symptoms of depression and anxiety. One of the most frequent complaints associated with the disorders is to not have access to someone who’ll simply listen, which is exactly what the app provides users. Users will find that there’s access to therapists through the app, but will initially be connected with a “trained listener” who is there simply just to be a friendly sounding board to vent about your day and discuss your primary concerns. You won’t receive any direct advice regarding how to handle the issues and complaints, but having someone to be there to lend some degree of support is usually very welcome for many.

top apps to improve your mental healthtop apps to improve your mental health

Recovery Record

Eating disorders are another common complaint in the mental health world and those affected by anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating can start to work towards bettering their relationships with food by using Recovery Record. The app is a food journal that allows users to self-monitor their intake and record their feelings associated with eating certain foods. By doing this, it’s thought users will be able to create healthy meal plans associated with minimizing their feelings of discomfort and shame in recovery. The app also encourages other healthy coping tactics and working towards recovery.

It is simple in its interface and users won’t find themselves exposed to anything technically complicated as they would in more advanced food journal logs that would break down calories, macros, and nutrients. Having a simpler approach is a common treatment step in eating disorder recovery, which is exactly what the app aims to provide.


There is a growing trend towards making life more of a video game and SuperBetter achieves just that. It is a way to help manage depression and illnesses by reinforcing positive behaviours and thought patterns in daily life. By completing an assortment of real-life exercises that build positive skills, players will receive rewards and points that apply towards their on-screen character. It is a good way for those affected by mental health issues to not be directly faced with the fact that they’re dealing with a disorder, but instead have support delivered in a more casual and accessible way that’s just as effective. The tech team at are in universal agreement saying “gamification” of life makes the experience far more interesting and apps like this are at the forefront of this pioneering approach to improving mental health.improve your mental health

PTSD Coach

The app was designed as a way to help military veterans exposed to war deal with the horrific memories of being exposed to war. It offers a very comprehensive insight into the disorder as a whole as well as what to look for when seeking professional care. While it openly encourages those with PTSD to approach a mental health care provider for help, there is also a strong interactive element including a self-assessment exam and having access to various coping tools in the interim before seeking mental health care. Anger management and self-talk exercises are a key focus of this app.

These are by no means the only apps available for mental health complaints and you should take the time to research apps based on your own unique concerns and questions. However, they each provide an excellent start towards a better state of mind if you’re just starting your journey towards living a healthier life. Start today!