The checklist you need to prepare before travelling.

checklist before travelling

It doesn’t matter if you have trotted the globe for years now or it is your first trip ever. We will help you create a list that will come handy while you pack for the upcoming tour in your life. This travel checklist is something that will last you years to come. As it is the one you will be referring to when your trip is around the corner. This is the tool or fundamental step to enjoy a great trip that lies ahead. Let us get started you ready for the journey, what say?

Choosing your luggage

The first crucial thing to remember when you plan a trip is a luggage. It needs to be lightweight, versatile and large enough to hold all your goods. You need to purchase a bag that gives you a good deal on the warranty period. Check the brand and the material of the luggage as you will not want one whose chains are broken or luggage that has broken or loose wheels. It would be an absolute nightmare.

Start organising.

If you plan to be busy on your trip taking part in a hell lot of activities, then it is time to pack accordingly. When you are about to be involved in a lot of activities, that means the gear that you will be packing for your trip will be quite a lot. When there is a lot of packing that needs to be done especially layers, then it is best to get hold of organisers. With the help of organisers in your suitcases, you will know exactly where you put your stuff. This will save you ample amount of time, and you will be able to pack a lot more. When in the hotel merely take out the organisers with the stuff in it and when you have to leave put them back in. How easy and hassle-free is that?

List of items you need to take.

  • Clothes that are light and work as layers.
  • Shirts with long sleeves
  • Jackets or sweaters.
  • Tank tops/ T-shirts.
  • Shorts/ pants in cotton.
  • Belt.
  • Underwear.
  • Woollen socks because they absorb sweat and don’t stink.
  • Shoes that are comfortable and will allow you walk miles.
  • Umbrella, windbreaker or Rain jacket. Make sure you do a little research about the place you will be visiting. Know about its weather conditions.
  • Night clothes.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Charger.
  • Power bank.
  • Travel speakers.
  • Pillow, eye mask and plugs for your ears.
  • A few apps that will help you with direction, language and other information

check list needed for travelling

Don’t make the mistake of packing your whole house. As we said, pack light. Choose outfits, shoes and other items that can be worn and re-worn on multiple occasions. Accessories will add the touch of beauty to your clothes you need. Scarves, hats and jewellery are lightweight and add texture to your daily outfits.

Toiletries for your trip

Assign a small and handy bag for your toiletries. It should be light and abide by the rules set by the airlines. You will need all of these in your pouch.

  1. Toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and mouthwash.
  2. Comb, elastic bands for your hair and barrettes.
  3. Deodorant.
  4. Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, sunscreen with SPF 50 +, lotion.
  5. Wet wipes.
  6. Lip Balms
  7. Products for your hygiene
  8. Hygiene items that are feminine
  9. If you wear spectacles, then contact lens, solution and a spare pair of spectacles
  10. Medicines that have been prescribed for various health-related problems that you might face.

Pay attention to the needs of your health.

When you are about to go on an International trip, there are a lot of things you need to consider. It is mainly the diseases that prevail there. Gather all the information that you need about a vaccine shot that you need to get or about medicines you need to carry along with information on travelling.

Pack these essentials.

  • Bandages, adhesive, gauze and every other item required in a first aid box.
  • Prescriptions that you are on. Make a few photos copies of it.
  • Pain medicines along with medicines for fever.
  • Lozenges for throats
  • Cold medications.
  • Thermometer.

Medication for diarrhoea

  • Allergy medication.
  • Anti-bacterial cream.
  • Repellents for mosquitoes, insects and reliever for stings and bites
  • Pills for motion sickness
  • Pills for altitude sickness
  • Eye drops.
  • Hand sanitizer.

Your personal carry-on luggage

Pay special attention to the bag that will be with you at all times. Pack one pair of outfit, essential items from the toiletries, mobile phone, charger, iPad, Laptop, cameras, headphones, money, credentials and anything that is expensive. These items must be with you at all times. They can’t get lost. Check out dealvoucherz to find fantastic offers and deals for yourself.