7 Tips for Better Hosting Experience by the Airbnb Management

As an Airbnb host, listing your property on the Airbnb website is usually the preamble step in getting your rental visible to customers. The important part comes in when your customers begin engaging you on your property, whilst others decide to cash in and get the experience the real deal. So as a Airbnb host, how do you ensure that your customers experience is seamless from what they see on the Airbnb website to when they arrive at your door step?

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List Services you Provide

From the Airbnb website ensure that your customers are clear on the facilities and services you provide. If you have wifi, state it so to avoid guests anticipating for what is not there.

Prompt Response to Queries

If you send an important message to someone that requires immediate response and the person doesn’t respond promptly how do you feel? That is exactly what your customer’s feel when you delay responding to their property queries. And in most cases these customers tend to be taken up by Airbnb hosts who respond to queries in less than an hour. So the shorter time you take to respond to your customer, the better reception and experience they will have.

Ensure Safety of Guests

Ensuring Safety of your guests is a top priority as an Airbnb host. This may warrant you to either solicit for security service from a nearby agency if your place has unsafe surroundings or by having cctv cameras within your compound. A Airbnb Smart device can help you with all your guest to get to know the place well and have a good experience.

Provide a Tour Guide for surrounding areas

As an Airbnb host it is important to put yourself in the shoes of your guests. This may mean providing them with a guide as to the nice spots to chili out when they go outside your compound. By doing this, you will be able to get future recommendations from your competitors and thus easily manage your resource.

Remove Your Pictures from the Wall

Once your guest’s arrive, they want to quickly settle in their rental. So removing your pictures and that of families from the wall will help your guests to feel comfortable in your abode. They can thus express themselves fully without any worries.

Maintain Cleanliness

Always ensure that the guesthouse is clean as a sudden influx of guest may catch you unprepared.

Take Pictures with Your Guests

Having such pictures will help you and your guest cherish the moments you were together and entice them to want to relive the experience


Airbnb hosting is an exciting opportunity to earn some extra cash from your property. It also has an attached responsibility; that of ensuring that your guests get the best experience that money can offer.

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