Why Lawyer Support Is Required In Unfair Dismissal

There are many scenarios when you can find yourself in need of a qualified and experienced lawyer. One of these scenarios is when you are unfairly dismissed from your job. Your employer might have a million reasons to fire you, but without a valid reason or if they don’t follow protocol, the dismissal is said to be unfair. In such cases, you as the employee have the power to sue your employer for different kinds of damages that have occurred as a result of your lay-off.

In such a case where you were unfairly dismissed, a employment lawyers london can help you with different issues that include;-

  • Settlement– in this case, you agree with your ex-employer to settle matters without going to court. You will sign a settlement agreement accepting an amount of cash that the employer offers. This agreement is legally binding and after you sign it and take the sum of money offered, you can no longer sue your employer for unfair dismissal. In cases like this a lawyer must be there for the employee to advise them about the terms of the agreement before signing and tell them if they can get something better than what the employer offered. The lawyer may also help in the drafting of the agreement to make sure that it favors you as an unfairly dismissed employee.
  • Court process– when you are unfairly dismissed and you decide to sue your employer, a lawyer will help you with the court processes. Lawyers understand the law better and know how cases progress in a court of law, a lawyer will explain to you about everything the judge says and whether it would be good or bad for your case. That way you will be prepared for the judge’s ruling.
  • Representation– besides explaining to your about the court process, a lawyer would represent you better than you could represent yourself. Since they have studied law and reviewed many cases similar to yours, lawyers have the capacity to represent you in court and help you win your case.If you represent yourself, you might not know what to do in case you are faced with tough law situations, which is why you need a lawyer to coach and defend you.

You might be wondering how you can find out if yours was an unfair dismissal. There are factors that determine an unfair dismissal which include; whether your employer had any grounds to dismiss you and if yes, did he warn you about it? If you were warned did your employer give you a chance to respond to that warning, and were you given the chance to correct the mistake that resulted in the warning?


If any of these issues were not addressed when you were dismissed, you can engage a lawyer to file a dismissal application within twenty-one days from when the dismissal takes effect. However, if your employer had reasonable grounds to let you go, it is advisable not to apply for unfair dismissal claim.

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By: Andrew Charalambous